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A Good Work Environment

October 4, 2006

Working At Home Being comfortable is important. It can mean that your attention wanders less. Of course, it can mean that you fall asleep too, but you can solve that one yourself. When I am reading on the computer, I prefer to use the laptop and find some place comfortable. With WiFi of course this is entirely possible. Sometimes I have projects running on my more powerful desktop while I am using the laptop. Rather than get up, I can use VNC to remotely interact with my desktop (for example, to change the volume on my surround-sound system). In all seriousness, a flexible and pleasant work environment helps me be more productive (and happier and more inspired and …).

Advertisements – Best Blog Reader

September 14, 2006

Two weeks ago I was searching for a good online blog reader. Most that I tried loaded individual entries too slowly (bad for quickly scanning) or did not allow you to organize your feeds well. Then I tried Seriously, click the link now and try it out (it’s easy). It surpassed all my expectations. Now regardless of what computer I am on, I open up and can track all my favorite blogs, gmail, weather, etc. However, new Yahoo Mail (beta) has an innovative rss reader and could be a good alternative for some users.